Since the ending of 2011 and in the middle of the economic crisis, I decided to make a leap of change in my life. I had a successful salesman career in the corporate world but that had to change.

Charged with work stress, I could not function in any aspect of my everyday life. I decided to sacrifice my independence -economical and personal- leave a wealthy life behind, and only deal with things that mattered to me. People some times can see the way out but they rarely do act on it. I can see people around me in the streets being distressed and i can share their feeling. I know they know. I know we choose a way out sometimes but life and events themselves decide on our behalf. Do they? I moved back to my parents’ house at 37, along with my fiancée of 8 years, to live a new model of cohabitation reinvented during this last economic crisis. I set out to depict the anxiety, the worries, the frustration and the hope for a better future, as well as a positive side of this new state of life: the love, care, ministration and solidarity among us. I discovered the reinvented institution of my family.

At the same time, my father Antonis suffered a series of strokes – five within six months of each other. These left him with some minor kinetic but major speech disabilities. My mother and I are the only people who understand what he’s saying but not always. Antonis found a way to communicate through sometimes non-sensical writing. In 2012 I started recording his life and our lives with him. This is also a journal for Antonis’ voice.